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Spark DNA.
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Discover your unique genetic journey towards better relationships and well-being.


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Uncover the secrets within your DNA with Spark DNA's comprehensive suite of services. Explore our range of offerings designed to empower your relationships, enhance your well-being, and reveal your genetic story.

Relationship Testing

Verify familial ties and solidify connections. Resolve questions of family relations with reliable, discreet testing.

Proactive Health

Empower your wellbeing. Get insights into your health through advanced genetic screening so you can make more informed decisions.

Elite Insights

Discover the breadth of modern DNA testing services. Trace your ancestry, bank your genetic legacy, and satisfy your curiosities.

How It Works
Your genetic journey, simplified

We obsess over creating the most streamlined user experience possible, so you can find the answers you seek without fuss.



Find the test that’s right for you from our array of tailored services. Once you’ve found it, order your kit or schedule your appointment seamlessly upon checkout.



Follow our easy instructions to conduct your home test kit, or schedule a time to have one of our medical professionals conduct the test for you at our office.


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Once the results are ready, login to your client area dashboard to view and download your genetic testing report.

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A secure, user-friendly space to explore your results, gather insights, and better understand your DNA

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I loved how easy it was to find the test I was looking for. This isn’t the case with a lot of other DNA testing companies, which is what brought me to Spark in the first place. Whenever I had questions, I was able to reach a real person on the phone who was able to answer everything I needed. Would definitely recommend!

Matt D.

We had a particularly difficult testing situation–establishing paternity from a person who was deceased. Not only did Spark walk me through all out possible options, they arranged testing of non-standard samples (a toothbrush and hair brush in our case). The process was smoother than I expected. I’ll definitely be calling again if I need similar services in the future.

Shiela M.

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